Setting up ANZ FastPay

If you haven’t already, start by applying for an ANZ FastPay® Next Generation Merchant facility online, if you haven’t already. Once your application for an ANZ FastPay® Next Generation Merchant Facility is approved and you have received your card reader, download the app, plug in the card reader and you’re ready for business.

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  1. Apply online for an ANZ FastPay® Next Generation Merchant Facility. Once approved, wait to receive your ANZ FastPay® Contactless Card Reader
  2. Download the latest ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app, open the app and plug in the card reader
  3. Enter the merchant ID and username you received by email from us, then press Log In. A one-time passcode SMS will be sent to the mobile number used to set up your ANZ FastPay® Next Generation Merchant facility
  4. Enter that one-time passcode
  5. Create your personal 4-digit PIN when prompted

Accepting payments

  1. 1

    Open the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app

  2. 2

    Plug in the card reader until it displays the ANZ logo

  3. 3

    Log in with your 4-digit PIN

  4. 4

    Start a transaction on the New Sale tab then select the transaction type

Viewing transactions online

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your merchant ID

  3. Enter your username followed by your password

If you're logging into the ANZ FastPay® Portal for the first time, please use the one-time password sent to the number used to set up your ANZ Merchant facililty. After this, you'll be prompted to set up a new password for future use.

Terms and conditions

  1. ANZ FastPay® Next Generation only available to approved merchants who meet ANZ’s credit approval criteria and have an ANZ business account. Terms and conditions, fees and charges, and settlement times apply to the use of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation. ANZ FastPay® Next Generation processes Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards and EFTPOS cards as well as American Express credit cards. If you wish to accept American Express cards then you need to contact American Express directly.
  2. Use of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation requires a cellular or wireless internet connection. Temporary service interruptions may occur.
  3. A minimum Merchant Service Fee of $10 (including GST) a month applies to Visa and MasterCard transactions.
  4. Enacted when the ‘SAVINGS’ or ’CHEQUE‘ function is selected on the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation Merchant facility.