ANZ FastPay® Next Generation. Now available with a contactless card reader

With Contactless - ANZ FastPay® Next Generation just got faster.

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation just got faster and brighter with a new Contactless Card Reader. It’s a great way for you to securely accept credit card, debit and EFTPOS card payments1, wherever you are.2

  • Upgraded ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Securely take card payments by tapping, inserting or swiping the card
  • Online desktop portal allowing you to reset your ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app log in PIN, resend customer receipts, view transaction history and detail, as well as export transaction reports

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Mobile and contactless payments? Too easy.

Your customers can pay the way they want to: by simply tapping, inserting or swiping their card. If they have ANZ Mobile Pay, Apple Pay® or Android Pay™, they can even tap their phones. And you can send SMS and email receipts directly to them.

Same day settlement for better cashflow.

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation delivers same day access to your takings in your linked ANZ Business Account for transactions settled before 6.30pm AEST/AEDT.

  • Additional devices: With ANZ FastPay® Next Generation, you can have as many Card Readers and smartphones/tablets linked to your account as you’d like, with all your takings settled into the one ANZ Business Account.  
  • Additional users: Each user can have their own Card Reader, or Card Readers can be shared across multiple users.


  • Multiple businesses: Flexibility of setting up multiple businesses on the same iPhone, iPad or Android™ device (NB. Each business will have its own Card Reader/s). 
  • Online reporting: You can now export all transaction information to Microsoft Excel or a .CSV file via the use of the new ANZ FastPay® Portal.
  • Easy receipting: The convenience of sending receipts directly to your customers by email and SMS.
  • Limited or Unlimited transaction limit: You can apply for either a $3,000 weekly transaction value cap or an unlimited weekly number and value of transactions.

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation pricing

  • Free to download. iOS / Android
  • Merchant Service Fee of 2.3% (inc. GST) for Visa and MasterCard transactions.³
  • Monthly $5 Card Reader Rental Fee (inc. GST) will apply for each Card Reader ordered.
  • $0.30 Debit Card Fee4 (inc. GST) will apply for every EFTPOS transaction.
  • $30 Chargeback Fee (inc. GST) per chargeback.
  • $130 Card Reader Replacement Fee (inc. GST) will be incurred for lost or stolen Card Readers.
  • $130 Closure Administration Fee (inc. GST) will be incurred for all closures.

A better, brighter colour screen

The FastPay® Next Generation new back-lit colour card reader screen, makes it easy to see, whether it's used inside or outdoors.

Utilising audio jack technology, the ANZ FastPay® Card Reader plugs into your smartphone or tablet, so you can tap, insert or swipe your customer's card to accept payment. ANZ FastPay® Next Generation now accepts EFTPOS payments, credit and debit cards.2

For users of an iPhone 7, you can use the Apple supplied lightning to audio jack adapter to connect your ANZ FastPay Card Reader.

Security you expect, protection you deserve

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation and the new Contactless Card Reader meet all current Australian security standards.

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation delivers the security you expect with the fraud protection you deserve. The plug-in Card Reader allows you to securely take PIN transactions when required on EFTPOS, credit or debit card payments. It also reduces the risks of handling cash and boosts customer confidence in knowing their transaction is secure. 

Accepted Card Schemes

ANZ FastPay® Next Generation makes getting paid easier, by letting you accept EFTPOS, credit and debit card payments on the spot anytime, anywhere.2

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express*


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Accessibility options for ANZ FastPay Next Generation

ANZ is making improvements to the existing ANZ FastPay® merchant facility that will deliver improved customer security when processing card payments on the go1.

These improvements include the introduction of a new scrambled PIN entry method for added security, via the use of the ANZ FastPay® Card Reader with the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app.

Some Merchants and cardholders with visual impairment may have difficulties in reading the Card Reader’s screen, and will not have the ability to utilise the accessibility options on the smartphone or tablet, as the Card Reader is inserted into the audio jack.

If you or your customer experience any challenges in using the ANZ FastPay®Next Generation app and Card Reader, please refer to your options below.

If your customer/cardholder is visually impaired:

Please select the "Mail Order / Telephone Order" (MOTO) option when processing the transaction.

If you do not have MOTO enabled, please call the Merchant Contact Centre on 1800 790 232 and they will be happy to assist you.

Please advise the support staff that you have a visually impaired cardholder that requires you to process a MOTO transaction.

If you as the Merchant or any of your employees are visually impaired:

Please call our Merchant Sales Team on 1300 366 988 to discuss merchant facility options that will cater for your specific needs.

Please advise the support staff that you have a user that is visually impaired.